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L -Leaky Gut

In a healthy gut the lining of the intestines acts like a filter allowing essential nutrients to pass through while blocking toxins and other pathogens that might cause an allergic reaction if they get into the bloodstream.

However we can damage this intestinal lining – usually with junk food, alcohol, bacterial and parasitic infections or prescription drugs. This can then increase the permeability of the lining and create a condition called Leaky Gut or intestinal hyperpermeability. This condition is characterized by bloating, pain, cramps, tiredness, food sensitivities, skin conditions as well as general aches and pains.

To help clients with Leaky Gut I follow the 5R’s

Remove any pathogen or food that is causing an issue

Replace nutrition that is missing within the digestive system eg digestive enzmes or HCL

Repair the gut lining with supplements like zinc and glutamine that help the integrity mucosal lining

Reinoculate the gut with good beneficial bacteria with a probiotic and focused nutrition

Rebalance the lifestyle of a client by paying attention to sleep, stress, exercise etc.

This process occurs in stages and doesn’t happen overnight. It takes some time, patience and perseverance but I have seen so many people improve their digestion and start to feel comfortable and pain free again.

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