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F - Food Intolerances

Food Intolerances

In my treatment room I do a lot of food intolerance testing. Food intolerances can build up over the years and manifest as digestive disorders, skin problems, depression and anxiety, joint pain or just feeling tired all the time (TATT). My muscle testing is a quick and easy was to determine which foods are causing the body trouble. The usual suspects are gluten – wheat, rye and barley; dairy, eggs and/or chicken, nightshades – a group of foods including potatoes, tomatoes, peppers and aubergines. But there can be some odd ones as well so I never assume until fully tested.

A lot of the time people will come to me with an inkling of what food is bothering them but I also find that it is rarely a food on its own. More often than not there is an underlying pathogen affecting the body which could be a virus, bacteria, fungus or mold, parasites or toxic metal. These pathogens disrupt the body’s balance and ability to deal with certain foods resulting in symptoms. Stress also puts the body under pressure and can lead to difficulty digesting food properly so its important to address this too.

People always ask if they can eat the foods again and that really depends on how long the person has been experiencing the problem – sometimes it has been all their life, sometimes it has started after an injury or trauma, everyone is different. The thing I like to emphasise is getting in tune with the body and feeling how you feel without the food. Once you know how good you can feel you are less likely to want to eat the food, or are willing to eat it now and again but know that they will have some symptoms.

So sometimes its not what you eat its what you don’t eat that matters!

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