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E - Emergency First Aid Kit

E is for my emergency first aid kit.

If you want to treat yourself and your family a bit more naturally you can start with the first aid kit. These are items I keep in my cupboard for the odd things that happen and to nip things in the bud.

Activated charcoal – this is great if someone in the family gets food poisoning or an upset tummy from eating too much. Activated charcoal is like a sponge and it mops everything up, drags it down to the bowels where it is eliminated.

Arnica – I’ve got this in both tablet form and topical cream form. The best time to use it is just after you get the bruise and if using the cream keep applying it until the bruise goes. I’m always bruising my legs which is fine in the winter when we are wearing trouseurs but in the summer I don’t want big black and blue legs so I do apply this to prevent the bruise from developing. And taking it internally as well gives you a double dose.

If you watched my coughs and colds video you will have heard me talk about Vit C and propolis which I take more of when I feel a cold developing. So I always have extra in the cupboard, especially now along with echinacea so I can up the dose when I feel colds coming on. I’ve just used this protocol recently on myself and the kids – they did get a few symptoms but bounced back quickly and I haven’t got their cold yet though I did feel my throat getting a bit sore the other day.

L lysine – this is great from cold sores. If you feel one coming on start taking this and some vitamin C until you feel symptoms subside. It stops it from developing into the horrible sore lip that we know of cold sores.

Tea tree oil – This anti bacterial oil is great for all sorts of things – from bathing cuts and grazes to drying out spots on your face.

Some homeopathic remedies. Now I’m not a homeopath but there are some remedies that I use for acute conditions which I find really useful. I have a kit I bought from with 36 remedies. In the box is a good guide to direct you to a remedy but some I use are -

Nux vomica – if you are feeling nauseous after eating or drinking too much

Cantharsis – to take the sting our of burns

Apis – for bee and wasp stings

Aconite – for rapid onset of cold and flu symptoms

Belladonna – for high temperatures

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