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7 Easy Ways to Get Hydrated During Lockdown

Water is essential to our health and general wellbeing. Adults are around 55 - 60% water and our blood is 90% water so we need to ensure that we are well hydrated. So many functions in our bodies are dependent of being hydrated, from organs, especially kidneys, bladder liver and colon, to hormonal balances, joint lubrication and skin elasticity.

With even mild dehydration our energy can be affected, we can suffer brain fatigue, our detoxification process slows and digestion struggles. Drinking plenty of water and eating water rich foods can all go a long way to ensuring a healthier body day to day.

Sometimes it can be difficult to remember to drink and to know how best to hydrate so here’s a few ideas :

* Keep a water container near you – this can be a water bottle that you keep on your desk or a jug filled up that you take your water from through the day. It's an easy way to remind yourself to have another glass. Give it some flavour to make it easier to drink. Instead of sugary cordials try lemons, limes, cucumber, blueberries which don’t overpower it but definitely make it more palatable.

* Drink water at room temperature – this way it is more hydrating as your body doesn’t have to work to warm it up for absorption.

* Drink some lemon squeezed into warm water in the mornings – replenishing fluids first thing in the morning is key to daily hydration. It sets you up for the day, giving you more energy. As a bonus the lemon is a source of vitamin C and helps support the liver cleansing process.

* Drink between meals instead of during – too much liquid with meals dilutes the digestive juices and can delay hydration. Try to hold off for half an hour either side of your meals.

* Download an app to keep track of your drinking – there are many water monitoring apps that are free and easy to use. They remind you to drink, track and record your water intake so that it is spaced throughout the day and can set goals if you need them. This way you optimise absorption as it happens all day as opposed to taking a large amount of water all at once.

* Eat water rich foods – obviously water is first choice for hydration but we do get water from foods especially cucumbers and celery. These foods also have the benefit of containing vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and fibre.

* Compensate for caffeine and alcohol – these are diuretics which means that your body will get rid of more water than it is taking in while you are drinking them. You should try to drink an extra glass of water in between to balance yourself out. It is well documented that hangovers are made all the worse by dehydration so adding a few glasses while having an alcoholic drink can really help! Why not try some herbal teas, coconut water or kombucha and keffir drinks as healthy hydrating alternatives?

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